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95% client retention rate

We Automate Your Sales

We build mini-AGI that mass interacts with your users with objectives set - to get you actionable business insights and decisions to improve your required KPI. Run Campaigns and Get your Reports Weekly.

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50X ROI on course sales

Leads converted with 40% conversion rate on a $100 course.

15x ROI on consultancy service.

5x more Leads got reached out efficiently and converted 30% more than usual reachouts.

18x ROI on financial service app.

Retention got 120% jump after campaigns.

Unlike any tool
you’ve used before


We create replica of your best sales guy, to do personal sales, but at 1000x scale and in no time.

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We help you understand what exactly goes inside the mind of your users. Not just a broad overview analytics.

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We help you resolve 90% of all your customer queries.

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We solve your biggest problems.

Step 01

Your Need

For example
Step 02

Create Objective

  • Identifying why users are not retaining (their problem statement)
  • Pitching them to re-install the app
Step 03

Second Brain performs your campaign.

Step 04

Mass 1-1 Conversations.

  • User Communication
  • Problem identifying
  • Pitching
Step 05

You get actionable insights

  • 27% people says app glitch. Fix it
  • 33% user finds app navigation hard. Improve your UI with option to customize homepage
Step 06


Improve your KP
Suggestions for more campaigns

This is how we do it!

Designed to the last pixel and engineered with unforgiving precision, Second Brain Labs combines UI elegance with world-class performance


Powerful Analytics

Having an in-house transformer model, for controlling the Agi model, and extracting actionable insights from all user communications.


Intelligent Chats

A fully-controlled in-house mini AGI model, for interacting with users, sharing or collecting data.

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Totally flexible on your use cases! Starts from $1

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What’s included
Custom Trained AGI Model
Powerful Analysis & Insights
Customer Support

Customer stories

Explore what the world’s leading businesses, from startups to global enterprises, have achieved with the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform.

Customer Story
“Our rigorous security and compliance standards are at the heart of all we do.”

Decrease in customer acquisition cost


Incremental increase in Facebook conversions

“Our rigorous security and compliance standards are at the heart of all we do. We work tirelessly to protect the trust of you and your customers.”

Mike Fridel, Director of Global Security,

Frequency Asked Question

Q: In what areas can Second Brain Labs provide assistance?

Second Brain Labs is a versatile SaaS product that is sector-agnostic, making it suitable for a diverse range of use cases in sectors such as Fintech, Edtech, E-commerce, and more.

Q: Which messaging channels can I integrate with my model?

Presently, our integration extends to WhatsApp exclusively. As a Verified Meta Business Partner in collaboration with Serri, we have the capability to explore integration with additional messaging channels upon request, catering to your users' preferences.

Q: Is it a chatbot?

Referring to ourselves as a chatbot falls short of capturing the extensive capabilities we possess. Second Brain Labs surpasses traditional chatbots and operates as a mini-AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) project, offering advanced functionalities beyond typical chatbot capabilities.

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